Astrology libra february 19 2020

In March , Mars would be direct opposition deg to your sign. This would bring about a sense of agitation for Libra folks this month. Hence natives are advised to concentrate on the goals or ambitions in life and focus more towards the same. You would be engaged all this period. Stick to some spiritual resorts as well for peace and harmony.

Libra Horoscope

For Libra folks, the Sun would be in direct opposition deg to their sign all this April This advises you to be cautious of the decisions you make and let not your mind wander around. Your energy might be expended for useless purposes, go slow. Then around the middle of the month, Mercury comes in opposition to your sign. This slows you down. Lay low and be patient. This is a good time to resort to some spiritual practices. For the period, Libra people are advised to keep a balance between their personal and professional life. Do not attempt to control things or events around you too much, they are not under your reign anymore.

Libra 2019 - 2020 - Gregory Scott Astrology

There would not be any major planetary influences for Libra folks this May. Hence life would be quiet and solemn for the natives. Around the middle of May, Mars would be in opposition to your sign. Then you would be forced to do many things as you stand greatly energized and stimulated for the period. This would be a highly active period, but be cautious of your moves. This is a month when you need to strike a good balance between work and play. Also a good time to make major life decisions and move ahead accordingly. For Libra people, June has no major planets positioned in their home base.

However a host of planets like Sun, Mars, Venus, Saturn and Jupiter are aspecting your sign positively from their respective positions for now. Natives are advised to stay positive and grounded for the whole of June. Lead a well-balanced life. Be helpful to others around. Be mindful and cautious of what you do and where you lead. Libra folks would have the luminary Sun just in opposition deg to their sign. This would bring about delays and hindrances of sorts. A sense of doubt arises over your own achievements. Weigh the pros and cons before venturing into new avenues through the month.

Libra Love Horoscope

Certain things or ideals seem too far to reach. This is not a time to be selfish, instead look towards helping those around, particularly those in dire needs. Be kind and selfless all these days. Libra guys have the Sun and Mercury in square aspect 90 deg to their sign. This asks for much patience on the part of Libra natives. Do stop your aggressive pace for now and rest.

If you are aggressive, then things would end up in disaster for now. The square Mercury confuses and hides your passions and communications, hence do not strive hard, instead your thought process can be started up for now. You ought to strike a good balance between your intellect and emotions these days. This would be a hard task though, however natives are advised to strive to achieve the same.

February Horoscope 2020 Overview

Libra folks would be having the Sun in their sign, this September. Happy birthday folks. Mercury and Venus are favorably posited for the natives as well. This highlights your communications and relationships for the period. You stand to be quite attractive this month and would attract potential partners. Those already in a relationship however stay safe!!.

Happiness abounds for Libra natives this month. Everything around seems quite favorable for you. Happy birthday Libra. With the Sun in your sign, there is no dearth for energy levels for Libra folks all through this October. There are no major negative aspects to your sign and hence things would be quite easy on your path. Enjoy life as it comes your way. Be supportive to those in need of help.

This is a good time to make friends.

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Libra folks are also advised to resort to some spiritual practices to keep them engaged through this peaceful period. Mars and Uranus are strongly aspected to your sign so patience is important. Move with patient grace as things unfold. These aspects are good if you are in a slump but they require skill to use the powerful energy properly. Cancer Buddhists normally work with feelings. This month be reflective emotionally. Do meditations that increase your patient insight into the nature of samsara and its suffering. A good month to be mindful of the four noble truths. This month you might have an enlightening moment in the first two weeks.

The Sun and Neptune are conjunct and in opposition to your sign. That is great for profound insights provided you are not materialistically focused. This aspect could cause materialists to be confused and lacking focus. People with a spiritual vision will see the expanse of the sky as never before.

It only lasts for the first two weeks, so keep you spiritual eyes open. Leo Buddhists like to be motivators. Keep your vision on the grand scheme of things, not the little details. This month life is lively with Uranus, Venus and finally Mercury all running in opposition to your sign. This effect is increased with a Jupiter square to these planets and your sign. Therefore expect life to be full and unpredictable. If you are open-minded then you may find yourself excited with the progression of events.

Mars enters Scorpio

If you have a defensive attitude and are closed-minded then life might be unsettling. Be mindful of yourself as that is the best protection. Virgo Buddhists do things in an orderly manner. This month you are running on sensual energy and impulsiveness. Keep an eye on your ethical conduct. If you do something negative, remember guilt is a double negative whereas regret helps you avoid problems repeating themselves in the future. This month you are happy and life seems bearable. Several planets sit beneficially aspected to your Sun sign. Be happy and share good feelings.

You do not have any particularly strong aspects that will bother you so utilize the time to accomplish positive activities without worry of astrological interference. Libra Buddhists keep life in balance. This month life is quite wonderful and you have lots of energy. Do actions that benefit your neighborhood and community.

Buddhists should express their positive qualities and influence the world constructively. It clashes with your ruler Venus on the 1st and turns direct on the 3rd. You might be parted from a loved one this month or find yourself in a new situation which requires reassessment, a shift in perspective. Love and money are also linked and money is a big theme for you throughout October.

February Horoscope 2020 Overview

The Capricorn planets, Pluto and Saturn, have been at the base of your horoscope for some time now. Saturn is in action this month on the 7th and 28th, clashing with key planets in your star sign, Libra.

Libra Monthly Horoscope

This may flag up an issue with a parent. Or perhaps, the end of a significant chapter in your own life. Certainly, with so much emphasis on your star sign, Libra, you may realise that what you want is different to what other people want or need. Mars in your star sign brings you courage to make the decisions and moves that are right for you.

Big planet, Jupiter, is currently in Sagittarius which favours knowledge, learning and new experiences. Jupiter kicks in mid-month on the 14th suggesting that the Full Moon will be pivotal for you. Ride your luck during this period and keep your gaze firmly focused on your future path. Money also requires careful handling. Talk planet, Mercury, enters Scorpio on the 3rd followed by your planet, Venus, on the 8th. This is your personal money sector.

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  • Plus, you have Uranus, the unpredictable planet, in Taurus and your joint finance sector opposing Mercury on the 7th and Venus on the 12th. Uranus plays a key role once again. Consider how you can break free from financial ties that bind you. Think about how you can pursue new money-making options that allow you to be independent. Get the right advice when Mercury and Venus unite on the 30th.

    This is also important because Mercury turns retrograde on October 31st in Scorpio and remains on go slow until November 20th.